With an appetite to create a best-in-class distillery, the McRobert family set out to source the best advice and equipment from around the globe. The result is a bespoke state-of-the-art craft distillery in their home state of Western Australia. 

Employing a combination of traditional and modern methods, the equipment is designed with maximum versatility to enable a wide range of options in fine tuning the parameters of the mashing, fermenting, and distilling, processes.

The two-vessel mash house can be used to make carefully lautered clear wort for malt whiskey, or grain-in mashes for whiskies like bourbon and straight rye.

With a built-in wort chiller, the mash house can chill the wort/mash to fermentation temperature right in the mash tun, negating the need for an external heat exchanger.  Using the inline oxygenation system, the mash can be transferred to special-purpose conical Distillery Fermentation Vessels (DFVs) fully ready for fermentation. 

The DFVs are equipped with agitators so the solids in the mash can be evenly suspended in the liquid before transferring to the still.  The Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) supplies hot water for single infusion mashes and sparging, and the Cold Liquor Tank (CLT) supplies cold water to the built-in wort chiller in the mash tun.

The 1,000 litre hybrid still combines a traditional pot still with a plated column with four bubble-cap trays that can each be bypassed to fine tune the separation levels so the McRobert signature flavour intensity and character can be achieved.

The column and condenser are mounted on pedestal tanks that collect the hot egress water from the condensers so it can be reused as future mash water or for cleaning using the still’s integrated CIP (Clean In Place) system.

The still, mash house, and HLT are heated by steam provided by an advanced German – designed Certuss steam generator, and at the time of writing, the McRobert Certuss steam generator was the only Certuss in Australia.  A glycol chiller provides cold glycol to chill the water in the CLT, and to regulate the temperatures in the DFVs.

Experience the McRobert distilling process first–hand with a guided tour of the distillery, followed by a tasting of the latest product range.